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Katanaboy 1000: Worlds Fastest, Largest, Sharpest Hand SAW

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I do an EXCLUSIVE review of the Katanaboy 1000mm. It is currently not yet being sold, but MAY be available in the future. Silky is reknown for making the FINEST saws in the world. This is the ultimate saw for homesteaders and avid outdoorsman, preppers, survivalists, for at the cabin, firewood aquisition and backcountry construction. Although the Katanaboy 1000 is currently unavailable its little brothers the 650mm and 500mm are both forces to be reckoned with.

If you are interested in silky saws in Canada go to the best source. I will keep you posted if and when the Katanaboy 1000 becomes available.

BigBear tools (Canada)

SherrilTree (USA)

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7 thoughts on “Katanaboy 1000: Worlds Fastest, Largest, Sharpest Hand SAW

  1. it looks like an awesome saw – I totally dig it, but you need to stop recording yourself running around with it fully open and dancing around with it as if it was a sword 🙂 It’s pretty faggy

  2. I read in another review that the katana boy works great on green wood but not so great on dry wood. Is that something you would agree with.

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