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Kizer Salient: First Impressions Test/Review (Good and Bad) – Preparedmind101

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11 thoughts on “Kizer Salient: First Impressions Test/Review (Good and Bad) – Preparedmind101

  1. I’m on the fence because even though piercing tips are the weakest point, I don’t feel it should’ve happened that easily. But yet the edge held up so clean and stayed sharp (for 1095) that it can’t be the heat treat. I really didn’t expect that, especially with that wood not being fixed. So I’m still undecided. Had that NOT happened it would be a pass. The coating is the best coating I’ve ever seen on a production knife, and you’re getting G10 handles and kydex for the price. Maybe I’ll try a different one if they aren’t pissed. It is what it is. I thought it would take that as I didn’t even hardly apply pressure to it. It just gave instantly. Weird.

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 I’d still buy but I’d be gentile on the tip . Overall it’s a good lookin knife . Check out the little river Bowie .Aaron over at Gideon’s tactical reviewed it recently and had good things to say .

    2. Thanks for doing the tests and giving honest examples. Sometimes things happen, would be interested to see how another example holds up. For me its not as much that something breaks, how a company responds and follows through with the partnership of owning the product means a lot.

  2. Glad you finally got it! The coating was the first thing I noticed when I got mine. It looks great and holds up well. I was curious about how well the tip holds up when I saw how thin it was and now I know, so thanks for saving me from trying it. I tried chopping with mine and I’d say its doable when you choke down on the handle but it’s by no means great. Other than that the knife has impressed me especially since I only paid ~$70 for it. Great review btw!

  3. The tip cracked off because of the blade geometry. its not a bad knife in that regard. if it was a fatter tip, it wouldnt be an issue. doesnt matter what type of steel it is.

    doubtful it was designed for tip strength and those types of tasks.

  4. Well said Chris… we have a saying in my line of work…. get the right tool for the job… they sell pry bars all day

  5. Kizer are more known for their folders. I have about a dozen Kizer folders and they are amazing and will rival any ZT folder out there. I would love to see a review of the Kizer T2 fixed blade knife, I am considering getting that one. The T2 uses s35vn steel and is a better design, IMO.

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