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LAPG 8″ Side Zip Boot on a Budget

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We tested the LA Police Gear 8″ Side Zip Boot for 4 weeks and here’s our findings. The $49.99 price tag makes these a great option for those on a Budget.

LAPG 8″ Classic Side Zip Boot :

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9 thoughts on “LAPG 8″ Side Zip Boot on a Budget

    1. I’d like to 2nd, that comment.

      I’ve watched EVERY. SINGLE. VIDEO.

      Even my fiancée, who isn’t into the survivalist/warrior way as I, enjoys watching your vid with me!

      Now that I think of it, any chance you could review an Eberlestock bag?

      You’re the man. keep up the great work!

      “Stay strong. Be of good courage. God Bless America. Long live the Republic.”


  1. 6:58 my grandfather has a pair of sinthetic material shoes that look a lot like those clarks

  2. What I normally will do is tie a square knot first than tie and double tie the lace and I never had them loosen.

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