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Leatherman Wave Plus and a Cool Impulse Buy Knife – Preparedmind101

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Wave Plus:
Cool Impulse Buy Knife:
A Few Extra Bushbats:

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7 thoughts on “Leatherman Wave Plus and a Cool Impulse Buy Knife – Preparedmind101

  1. The “Sod Buster” style knife is one of my all time favourites due to it’s simplicity and incredible usefulness for so many various tasks. GOOD CHOICE Chris, and the color is correct too!

  2. Now if only Leatherman would replace that damn, useless flat head ‘medium screwdriver’ with an awl the Wave & Charge (AL & TTi, not the ALX) tools would be nearly perfect multi-tools for the outdoorsman/bushcrafter/survivalist. Seriously, what in the hell does a tool that already has two bit drivers on it need with another damn screwdriver?!

  3. G’day Chris & Will, Ah, yes I recall the ‘old days’ of trolling your vids. There was the eye-liner; the false eye lashes; what gender is this person etc etc. It’s good to see the haters have either grown tired, you’ve weeded some out or they have less imagination… of course these days especially, lying and insulting people has become the US national pastime.
    Cool Bull Nose! Leatherman still way too expensive for what you get and the times you use it, in my case anyway. My heart sank when you mentioned your BushBats… don’t get me started! Cheers to you both, BH

  4. Love the 2 little upgrades on the sheath & cutters! And also another thing that is a deal breaker at least for me is that you can change the bits out because it never fails, At work I’m always breaking the screwdriver or philips and being able to replace the bit instead of the whole tool is awesome!

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