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LifeStraw Review: The Portable Water Purifier!

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Today we’ll be doing a Lifestraw review to show you what is possibly the most essential and cleverest survival gadget that we’ve reviewed to date.

The Lifestraw is a simple but extremely effective portable water purifier which allows you to kill 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria and parasites by simply removing the caps of each end, placing the straw into the dirty water and then just ‘sucking’ through the Lifestraw.

This simple and extremely portable water purification system is not only extremely useful for survivalists and preppers though because at just $20 a straw it allows some of even the poorest people in the world who have the worst drinking water a cheap and easy way to ensure that they always have clean drinking water.
The lifestraw is all mechanical too so it requires absolutely no battery or external power source making it truly a ‘use anywhere, any time’ type device.

The Lifestraw in our opinion really is the best water purifier on the market and for this reason it’s an absolute must have for any bug out bag. For this reason we’re definitely giving the Lifestraw the ‘Guide To Prepping’ seal of approval!

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