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Limited Edition Desert Tan PL-Mini Pistol Light FLASH SALE!

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Save 20% for 2 hours only 1-3 PM EDT May 11, 2018 on the LIMITED EDITION Olight PL-MINI in DESERT TAN. Plus, get a FREE S2A Baton flashlight when you spend over $159 (while supplies last)

Remember, only 2018 of these Limited Edition Desert Tan versions will be made worldwide. So act fast if you want one.

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14 thoughts on “Limited Edition Desert Tan PL-Mini Pistol Light FLASH SALE!

  1. Thanks, Brian for sharing this. Good timing I just bought my very first handgun a week ago, a Glock 19 and have been looking for possible lights and holsters. I made sure I used your link and I just bought one, yay! I also viewed your holster option for this exact flashlight made by Hawg, I intend on purchasing that to accommodate this light using your discount code. Do you have any recommendations for a good concealable magazine holster, perhaps double or would that not fit? Happy Shooting!!!!

  2. It seems like all you guys are fighting for the same piece of the pie. I guess it would come down to who is your favorite YouTube personality.

    1. I know…..its just strange seeing all of you pitching the same thing. I do enjoy your channel.

    2. Nobody is fighting. There are a few of us who are working with Olight and we all get a very small commission if somebody buys through our link but it is not even close enough to fight over. It’s just about introducing the flashlights to our viewers and letting them know about the cool deals. We all get along and support each other.

  3. ??. Seen this on Guns and Gear, Sootch, and SoP.
    That means I’ve seen three + this one makes four…so only 2014 are available..???
    Best Wishes Brian! ?

  4. Thank you Brian, for sharing this. That’s a very nice little gun light. And with the charging system, super easy.

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