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Making Fire With Shoe Laces

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In this video I make a primitive fire with my left hand. Shoe laces work pretty good as cordage substitute for the fire bow.

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Making Fire With Shoe Laces

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7 thoughts on “Making Fire With Shoe Laces

  1. Well done my dear, well done…something I should work on. I am so right handed it’s rather pathetic…used to be much less so, especially when I taught kenpo (had to learn everything both right and left sides, AND forward and in reverse) but have gotten lazy I guess…if I had to start a bow drill fire left handed, may just freeze…good work…

  2. hey lilly..i watched a video from far north bushcraft,where he made a barring block from green wood and held it in his teeth…maybe you can try it out..keep up the good work and feel better soon

  3. Well done . using both hands for different tasks is a good idea for all . But , Please do be careful with that hand it is precious to us all . Real love always , Mike out

  4. All the videos I see on you tube and those on TV, I have yet to hear one person say what wood works the best for these fires. I know some have to be better than others.

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