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Military Surplus Canteens From Around the World

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Military Surplus Canteens from Armies from Around the world. These are all available at the Sportsmans Guide. Use Sootch00 for $20 off $100 or more Purchase. Big thanks to Sportsmans Guide!

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10 thoughts on “Military Surplus Canteens From Around the World

  1. Hey Sootch, know of an easy place I can score a strap for my American canteen? I have one from an army surplus store that I bought as a kid in the 90s. Never had a strap with it…

  2. i was for 1.5 year in Greek army.the Greek army use the US bottle(vietnam version).after my training i can say that is a durable,easy to use,healthy,”silent”(in combat) bottle.the belt clips keep it in place very nice.also is very easy to remove it from the belt.the only that you can’t do with this bottle is to boil water but in basic military gear included 2 metal containers and 1 cup.

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