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Military Surplus Mess Kit Comparison

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Military Surplus Mess Kit Comparison from Different Countries including the German, Polish, Italian, Serbian and U.S. Military. Thanks to Sportsman’s Guide for Supplying these Mess Kits.

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7 thoughts on “Military Surplus Mess Kit Comparison

  1. Dude!!!! You have an ad on your site for the impeachment of Donald Trump!!! WTF I thought you were pro second amendment, pro freedom, Patriotic American…. Please tell me this was an accident soon to be fixed!

  2. great video – you did forget one point about the american mess kit – the groove down the center of the lid is actually made to fit over the handle and the loop locks into the handle to create a complete trey – similar to the German kit – i have both – they are both excellent

  3. I prefer the stainless steel US mess kit. It was issued in 1965 and I have keep it since then. Besides the normal use for the mess kit in the past. I have used it for cooking when camping as you would with any stainless steel pan or pot. Thanks to the wonders of backpacking supplies today I have a Titanium canteen cup (US Army style ) and lid to use for going ultra light.

  4. I believe that the USGI kits are stainless steel. My kit is stainless and I have not seen a genuine USGI kit that was aluminum. The utensil set that comes with the Yugoslavian kit is really nice.

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