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Mora Bushcraft Knife Choices – The Kansbol & Eldris Compared

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Mora has been a favorite budget bushcraft knife for years so I was excited to test their fairly new Kansbol and Eldris designs. Let’s see how well they do on that “knife stuff”. Oh, and check the balance 😉

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8 thoughts on “Mora Bushcraft Knife Choices – The Kansbol & Eldris Compared

  1. Kansbol is definitely my favorite Mora and kudos on your state of the art yet extremely cost effective balance test facility !!!

  2. Metric system? What’s that? ;o) A good review of two really good knives from Mora. As for how it’s pronounced, I can help you with that. Well… Not me exactly but I’ll paste the link to someone who can. Her name is Emelie, she has a Youtube channel about her outdoor adventures, here she reviews both the Garberg and the Eldris, she is Swedish, and she pronounces the Mora company name in the first ten seconds of this video:

  3. My mora Classic is probably the knife I would grab if I could only take one. I’m not sure why, but it’s a gut thing. It’s light, can be worn around the neck, yet has durability, and easily replaceable, not expensive.

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