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Mora Knife Forced Patina How To Project

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Mora Knife Forced Patina Project
Simple How to project to protect your blade

Carbon Steel will rust if not protected. Adding a forced patina to your blade will give it better resistance to the elements. We demonstrate how to apply an Apple Cider Vinegar bath that gives a rich dark color and the protection you need. Easy, Cheap and simple.

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7 thoughts on “Mora Knife Forced Patina How To Project

  1. I’ve got a few knives I was going to do this to. they have micarta handles. can I submerse handle and all to get spine all the way through the same?

  2. I’ve seen a number of these videos, why can’t mora make a knife with these upgrades for $5.00 more per knife. They can still make the current models for those that want to DIY…..

  3. That worked great. I love how there’s so many methods out there to achieve a forced patina. I’ve tested out over 7 different solutions (all common household supplies) and most work, but just take time. I want to find a quick method that doesn’t require much fussing, just dip it leave it for a half hour and come back to a forced patina blade.

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