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More Channels to Watch the Bug Out Camp Videos (Shout-Outs)

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CP’s Bug Out Camp Facebook Group (soon to be renamed)-

Lee Ralph-

Jeep Things-

Bearded Seabee 82-

The Dog House Outdoors-

Random Videos-

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7 thoughts on “More Channels to Watch the Bug Out Camp Videos (Shout-Outs)

  1. That is good of you to share the spotlight and shout out these other guys. It will give a bigger picture of what’s going on there. Looking forward to the videos. I’ll check out these other guys. Thanks. Tony

  2. That’s awesome brother! Sounds like fun I know about half of you guys and the other half I just subscribed to. I think it would be awesome to meet all of you guys!

  3. Man Id love to go to a Bushcraft camp. That sounds awesome. Might be too far away though. Either way, i hope you do it.

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