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Mountain House Mega Giveaway and Review: Breakfast Skillet

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In this video we do a giveaway of a #10 can of Breakfast skillet (30-404 value) shipped direct from mountainhouse. To enter just like, comment and if you’re not already, subscribe!

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Prepper Food Index/ Rating Scale Video

Mountain House Review

The Breakfast Skillet earned a 7/ 10

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7 thoughts on “Mountain House Mega Giveaway and Review: Breakfast Skillet

  1. Restaurant prices for bland, instant powder meals. Sounds great! Of course you could always add bacon, spices & other delicious ingredients to make it more palatable & double the cost & still be eating instant freeze dried food that now costs even more. Why not just make your own? Learn to cook. Learn to can, dehydrate & smoke your own food. Learn charcuterie & how to grow a proper garden & on & on, etc.

    Yeah, of course I would eat that freeze dried, processed food if I was hungry. I might even like it. Sort of in the same way that I like McDonalds or Twinkies. They may taste good in a mass produced processed kind of way but … We know Mountain House is expensive but is it also quality food & worth the price? Is it honestly delicious & really, is it all that palatable?

    Now, with all that said: In the spirit of “hike your own hike” & all that; “eat your own meals.” We’re free to eat what we like & spend our money as we like. Enjoy your Mountain House. You will probably be eating better that me if it ever does come all crashing down. It would also be ironic if I ever won these give aways. Maybe I would actually like the stuff & it would shut me up.

    *Edit: I’m curious what the All American Prepper eats?

  2. haven’t tried Mountain House yet, have heard it is  good.  Already subbed, thank you.  I agree with the supplemental idea, I use my freeze dried food as a backup.

  3. I want to find the best brand for MRE, taste is a factor but mostly I want something that has a long shelf life without a ton of preservatives. Mountain house is said to be one of the best but maybe I can find out for myself!

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