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MSK1 Survival Kit Review – Long Term Survival Knife Testing

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The micro survival kit in the handle of the MSK1 survival knife is from Wazoo Survival Gear so I expected great results but I was pretty impressed with how much useful survival gear actually fit in there.

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7 thoughts on “MSK1 Survival Kit Review – Long Term Survival Knife Testing

  1. The first fish I ever caught was over 60 years ago off my grandfather’s dock with a stick,a string and a safety pin and half a worm.

  2. I’m not going to bash the knife or anything I just have one thing to say. Bryan don’t you think it’s about time to get a new stump. Old stumps I got my side yard I use I’m going to throw them away and burn them

  3. You could get a more useful knife design such as TOPS Silent Hero then a custom kydex sheath from Yellow Hawk Customs with an added accessories pack and stock it up. For a little less than $500.
    But to each their own. This knife reminds me of the bass fishing lure industry. It doesn’t have to catch fish… just fishermen.

  4. You know what they say about opinions lol. But seriously if someone wants to buy this knife for $300 or the kit for $500, God bless them, just know if you do some research there are better options out there for far less money.

  5. Thanks for the review on the in handle kit, I was wondering how it performed especially about that tiny ferro rod. Surprised the heck out of me that it does indeed throw sparks, a good surprise though. As much fun as watching your review was it was even more fun reading the comments. I can honestly say that I haven’t had this much fun reading comments in a very long time. I will say right up front that I am not in the market to buy this system, however it has NOTHING to do with the price or the steel or that David from UST’s designed and created it. Nope, not a one of those factors into my decision. What decided me not to buy this system was was way more simple than that; I don’t need it. That doesn’t mean I’m not interested in it, because I am. It’s a very interesting design concept and I’m very glad that Bryan is taking the time to do a real world, long term use test of the system so that I can see how it actually does without having to shell out the money for it myself. Again, I’m not going to, so I have no horse in the race of whether it’s a good or a bad system beyond simply curiosity because I like this kind of thing. Thanks again Bryan, both for the review and for how it’s generating all the hilarious comments.

  6. Looking forward to your assessment after using it for awhile with the Boy Scouts. I know you will be honest and sincere.

  7. I can see someone using the kit inside the knife and losing one of those screws, lol. I think having a survival kit in a knife handle is way over rated or obsolete. Having a dedicated tin or container that is part of the sheath or attaches to the sheath would be better. I used to be in that stuff but I didnt find it very practical. Especially in the cold winter months, the small items can be easily lost in the snow and can be hard to hold or use if the fingers are cold. I much prefer an altoids tin, water resistant cell phone case, or a small pouch. I think this whole kit may fill a niche for some, but just like some beer or liquor, its an aquired taste.

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