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Multi Tools- Are They the Right Tool for the Job or EDC?

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Links to the multi tools seen in this video:
Leatherman Rebar Black-
JClaw Tek Fire Talon- (currently unavailable)
Gerber Dime-
Ganzo 302-H (silver)-
Ganzo 302-B (black)-
Victorinox Camper (Swiss Army Knife)-

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7 thoughts on “Multi Tools- Are They the Right Tool for the Job or EDC?

  1. I carry a multi-tool in my BOB and GHB, but do not EDC. I find them either too big/heavy or not useful for everyday stuff.

  2. During the workweek I carry a LM Surge in a Detroit Holsters belt sheath. Weekends, I carry a Skeletool or Juice S2 in the pocket.

  3. …I’m pretty sure you and I have the same mind. lol I have a video idea on my list called ‘not everything has to be a multitool’ where I wanted to talk about how sometimes just having a flashlight is good, it doesn’t need to be a flashlight with a charger and a knife and a bottle opener, etc. I appreciate your thoughts on multitools. I have a Leatherman Wave and have used it every once and a while and have thought about just putting it in my BOB instead of my EDC but when I do need it, it’s quite useful. But I’ve only really used it when I’m around the Jeep. It was in the Jeep for a while and then I moved it to my maintenance kit. Second I moved it to my maintenance kit, we needed it like 3 times for the Jeep. Hah. Great video!

  4. I every day carry a Leatherman Surge. I use it every single day for something and have used every single tool on it at some point or another. If you don’t mind I may do a VR to review and explain why I absolutely love this multi tool. Thanks for another awesome video!

  5. great topic brother you hit the nail on the head a few times in this one , i feel the same way with the muliti tool pulling my pants down and not need it very often ! but i will say when ya need one ya wish ya had it on ya !
    atb john

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