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My 2018 Spring/Summer Lightweight EDC (Everyday Carry)

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This is what I commonly carry during the warmer months of the year. I try to keep it lightweight unless I’m doing something out of the ordinary. Some things change, but this is fairly typical for me.

The first knife I showed is made by Kevin McGee that I came across on Facebook. He had an Etsy store at one time, but it is closed as of the making of this video. For now here is a link to the Facebook page where you can order one.

The second knife I showed was custom made by Crawdaddy Forge and the craftsmanship is excellent! I’ll be doing a full review of the knife someday. Here are links to his website and Facebook page.

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14 thoughts on “My 2018 Spring/Summer Lightweight EDC (Everyday Carry)

  1. Looks like a well-rounded EDC for sure. And with today’s ammunition the 380 can pack quite a punch. And I think the bottom line is no one really wants to get shot so most times and just the sight of the firearm is all it takes to stop the aggressive action. But there’s always going to be those that just keep coming LOL. Thanks for sharing brother.

    1. We have a major meth problem here in Iowa, so yeah those are the ones that give me pause about the 380. Although a 22lr will kill a deer with a well placed shot, but that’s um heresay yeah hearsay I tell ya lol

  2. If you ever have to shoot a guy with a .380 , and he finds out about it , he’s gonna be really pissed ! But of course it still beats calling 911

    1. I carry a 357 most days and have never carried anything smaller than 9mm….but a 380 in the face at close range will back someone off of you no problem….some days I wish I would have bought a 380 when I’m carrying 2 pounds of Magnum every day.

  3. Great kit. Thank you for sharing. Id be proud to carry that Ruger. I am sure it is plenty good.

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