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My EDC – Every Day Carry w/ The 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack

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Today we take a look at my EDC & The Outlaw Gearslinger Pack from 3V Gear. Check out the full article on this video right here () as well as the list of all gear mentioned below!

3VG Outlaw Sling Pack:
Fenix EDC Light:
Dark Energy Charger:
Insignia Charging Cable:
SkullCandy Earbuds:
Tactical Pen 1:
Tactical Pen 2:
Water Bottle:
Moleskin Pad:
Write in the rain pad:
Gerber Multi Tool:
Sawyer Mini Filter:
Gerber Flashlight:
3VG Shadow Shot Holster:
Macbook Air:
Toshiba External 1TB Drive:
BOSS Survival Kits:
Kydex Holsters & Sheaths:
MASK Mousepad:

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14 thoughts on “My EDC – Every Day Carry w/ The 3V Gear Outlaw Sling Pack

  1. very nice bag bro and great load out some really good stuff to have on hand love the warrior tribe patch dude where can I get one cheers form Canada

    1. +3174 jordan thanks man! gotta be a member. Only our tribe members can get them. (page will be back up tonight/tomorrow)

    1. I’ve not seen them anywhere else in Multicam black but i’m sure they’re out there somewhere. I got this one from our kydex partner who also does some sewing. He got it from the fabric company as a bonus for buying fabric I believe.

  2. 3V Gear is the shizznick! I like the Outlaw but not being able to change which shoulder it’s slung over because of the off body carry option is why I went with the Posse Sling Bag. nice review and gear loadout tour.-Scout

    1. You can still run it on either shoulder just not fully slung. I will sometimes just put it over my one shoulder and use the sternum strap to keep it from falling off. It’s not as ergonomic, but it works.

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