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My new Thrunite Ti3 EDC flashlight. Abuse testing results.

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The Thrunite Ti3 has been one of my favorite EDC flashlights since I bought my first one several years ago. Now Thrunite has upgraded the LED and upped the lumens a little. So I had to see how tough the new version is. Check out the results of my testing.

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14 thoughts on “My new Thrunite Ti3 EDC flashlight. Abuse testing results.

  1. I had mine for about two years and really enjoy using it. However, if I put it to heavy use like “high setting”, I notice that it will turn itself off in 10-15 minutes and won’t turn on (at any level) until the head is cooled down. I got caught in the dark a couple of times using the high setting.

  2. Yup ! Great lil compact light A-4-Affort That’s how them Georgia Boy’s say It Huh ?  Thanks as always Bryan  Stay Well, Brother                                                ATB Terry     God Bless

  3. E6000 glue will fix that clip problem. I use it on every light I own with a clip and never had one to come off nor move

  4. I have two version of the Ti3 and they have been kicked around on keychains for over a year. Still reliable, still love them. Best little light duty/backup light for camping and EDC. I LOVE the fact that it comes on in moonlight mode which saves night vision and battery when you start it up in the dark.

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