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My Top 10 Favorite Fire Starter Tinder & Testing the New Paratinder from UST

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8 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Fire Starter Tinder & Testing the New Paratinder from UST

  1. Hmm, no magnesium block ? … My favorite would be: 1. Birchbark, 2. fatwood, 3. magnesium, 4. Wetfire/tinderquick/etc. 5. home made equivalent of 4.

    I happen to live in a place where birchbark is plentyfull so it’s easier to get than fatwood. Still fatwood is probably a bit more reliable, the magnesium block with the ferrorod strip is just a handy combination and also reliable (but hard to replenish, still you don’t need to much), lastly ‘wetfire’ or tinderquick, or surefire or w/e brand, basically a reliable way to get a fire going, i view these as ‘last resort’ type fire starters (or fool proof, if it concerns somebody with less experience in fire starting <- do note, i do carry some!! as the last resort sure to work type thing).

  2. Nice video! I made my own “Livefire” style starter with an Altoids mini tin… I compressed a bunch of cotton balls into the tin, then mixed up some melted petroleum jelly and melted wax and poured it over the cotton. Works exactly the same, and the wax helps stabilize the PJ so it doesn’t run when it gets warm. Use it as a timer to light your kindling, then drag it out and flip it shut. I’ve used it dozens of times and still works like new!

  3. I’m a fire junkie myself. Remind me the gathering to tell you the funny story of why I got good at. Or maybe it can be the subject of a video. LOL

  4. Great video. You’ve got ’em all about covered. 3 more I might suggest are witches, virgins and a jar of gasoline. If your in Alabama, where virgins are in short supply, substitute back hair. Witches, by the way, are never in short supply. Seriously though…Thanks for the info. I never thought of hand sanitizer on cotton balls. I’m going to give that one a try on my next outing.

    1. I’ve never used the store bought stuff, but from what I’ve seen it all works about the same.
      The store bought stuff just isn’t all the really potent stuff, you get a mixture of good and not so good.

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