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New Camera, Stickers, Holsters & Fatwood Score

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If you want to check out the camera I’ll be using here’s a link-
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9 thoughts on “New Camera, Stickers, Holsters & Fatwood Score

  1. Hello there, I actually have the same camera that you just got , and I can’t seem to find an attachment that let’s me see myself. I was just wondering if you could let me know where and what your attachment is. thanks,

    1. Country Prepper oohh ok , thanks , I wondered if it was a mirror but hey if it works then it’s all good. Thanks for replying btw

    2. Its a little mirror that comes with a selfie stick made by Polaroid. Its low tech and cheap, but it works.

  2. Some people just don’t understand the power of patience in todays day and age! If he had communicated that there was some importance behind on time shipment such as “I’m going on a trip the day after and I want to take that sheathe with me” I might understand the frustration! But other than that is a few days gonna kill them?

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