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NEW! Exotic Tanimboca Bushcraft Knives – Puukko Blades – HandMade in the Jungle

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Discovered these Handmade – Tanimboca Puukko Knives in the Colombian Jungle. After using I knew I HAD to Get One – You Can Too @

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11 thoughts on “NEW! Exotic Tanimboca Bushcraft Knives – Puukko Blades – HandMade in the Jungle

  1. Ultimate Survival tips, I am very pissed off because I ordered the MSK-1 in September and it still didn’t come in

  2. Thanks for your videos…very informative. I watched your review of the Browning Buckmark Hunter (just like mine) and was interested in the scope that you mounted on your Buckmark. Thanks.

  3. those are just incredible! if I ever make it on a bushcraft global trip he better still be making them! thanks for the video David

    1. Tyrthek Thanks haven’t heard of them I’ll go take a look. It’s just that when I look at companies like benchmade and they sell things that are in mass production for three times as much money so in comparison this looks cheaper without compromising quality

    2. Nah I’d say that’s right in your typical ballpark for the material and work of a hand made knife maker. Check out “The Exchange” on bladeforums. Tons of good stuff there

    3. Javier Dibilio Thanks. They look beautiful but I also didn’t want to go bankrupt getting one. If they are in that price range then that’s really cheap compared to other knife manufacturers.

    4. I think they range from the $150 to the $250 mark or something like that. Maaaybe a little bit more expensive for the fancier models.

  4. I am not a friend oft bushcraft skandinavian style knives at all. Kitchen Kinves are doing the same job.

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