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New Favorite EDC Keychain Flashlight- Thrunite T01 GAW CLOSED

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Thrunite T01 direct link(5% OFF Coupon Code:THRUNITE , limited time!) –

It is also available on Amazon-

Product Description

Battery: 1 AAA battery
Output and run time (1 mode): 125 lm; 40 mins
Peak Beam Intensity: 780cd
Max Beam: 57m
Lens: TIR Lens
Input Voltage Range:0.9V-3V
Reverse polarity protection: No
Impact resistance:1m
Dimention: 65.6 mm(length)*14.2mm(head diameter)
Weight: 9 gram without battery.
Surface Finish: Premium type III hard-anodized
Accessories: 1 * O-rings, 1 * keychain ring.

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8 thoughts on “New Favorite EDC Keychain Flashlight- Thrunite T01 GAW CLOSED

  1. Thanks for another great video. I love both the Thrunite and Olight brands.
    Lately I’ve been carrying the Olight S1A Baton.

  2. I have one of the double AA lights and love it. The one I seem to carry the
    most right now is a Hugsby XP-2 double AAA. It’s slim light weight takes
    regular batteries and was inexpensive (fixed incomes are tough to get other
    than necessities for the wife and I). I’m glad you showed a lesser priced
    item. It’s good to see more items like this for those of us on the more
    restrictive budgets. Thankd for doing the GAW and please keep up the
    sheaths (love my opinel 8 neck sheath) and vids!
    ol greybeard dino
    ; – ) >

  3. just bought 3 of them from the website only from your recommendation.. For
    the price, you can’t go wrong. also bought the solar charger and 20,100
    poweradd from the video you did last week. the poweradd is an extremely
    high quality product and works great. Thanks brother.

    1. I’m going to order a couple more too just to put in kits. Good to hear you
      like the other gear too, it makes this worth while to know it helps someone
      every now and then.

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