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New Fire Kit for My Truck ~Prepping For Winter Series~

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This is the fire kit that I’ll be putting in my truck as part of my winter preps.

Contents include:
Outdoor Products watertight box (from Walmart)
2- Signal flare/fire starters (from Walmart)
4- Zip fire starters
6- Fuel cubes (I prefer Wetfire)
7- TinderQuick tabs (SOL FireLite Kit)
1- 6″ x 1/2″ ferro rod
1- Super Scraper
1- Heptad Tool (folding camp knife)
1- UCO Storm Matches Kit

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9 thoughts on “New Fire Kit for My Truck ~Prepping For Winter Series~

  1. Great kit Jeremiah. I use nearly all the same things except the ZIP bars, I
    will be buying some to try them. I tried to get some of the magnesium
    capsules last week when I ordered their fishing and hunting kit but
    Stanford was sold out. I have been testing the Ugly Sticks from Mission
    Preparedness and I’ll be putting some of those in each of my fire kits now,
    they work well. Thanks for sharing.

  2. great setup for that kit my friend
    also that container looks very great
    did not see then around here for that price
    thanks for showing it (^_^(

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