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New Maxpedition Enitity 21 Backpack Review

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Maxpedition Entity Series is designed for Non-Tactical/Tactical Use. Perfect for the “Grayman”. Big thanks to Seth!

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8 thoughts on “New Maxpedition Enitity 21 Backpack Review

  1. Looks very interesting… Probably have to take a second look! We also made some bag reviews to test the advantages. Probably to inspire some of you?!

  2. Sootch, it looked like it got soaked when you poured water on it. It’s not water resistant, is it?

  3. No one minute montage of you shooting guns tracking through woods while wearing the backpack? No guns or knives in the video? Instead we just get your son and you just walking downtown. Still wanna keep getting that monetization money sootch LOL!! Keep it up brother!! Sad YouTube is doing this to our community!!!

  4. Cool to see some family involved. I watch your channel often, never knew you had a son…
    As a prepper myself, family life is so important. Too many “lone-wolf” type guys get the latest tacticool gear and forget to gear wife and son the same.
    “Good to gear up, don’t forget your backup”
    Thanks Sootch for your videos!

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