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New Olight S1R II Baton 1000 Lumens!

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New Olight S1R Baton II. It’s rechargeable and to has 1000 Lumens in Turbo! The perfect EDC Light. Click here to go directly to the S1R II Webpage: Affiliate Link

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7 thoughts on “New Olight S1R II Baton 1000 Lumens!

  1. do you have an issues with the light being shorted out by a metal object in your pocket with this light? (maybe change or whatever). you said that you had the s1r light as well; did you have any issues with it and a metal object in your pocket?

  2. Got mine at the flash sale. Great light. Goes everywhere with me. Was a lifesaver during a night time flat tire change.

  3. It’s Cristóbal Colón it’s not Christopher Columbus. And he was buried in the Dominican Republic. His ancestors moved him to Spain.

  4. Sir you offended me on your outro. Every body knows that if you go to trouble to go order a grease burger and shake you get onion rings. YEHAA from East Ky

  5. Just ordered one of these…it will replace the ‘Facebook Special’ light which has served me well for the past couple of years.

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