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New UCO Gear and Mora – SHOT Show 2019

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UCO has some really cool new mess kits called UCO Wear, as well some new fire stuff. And Mora is always cool. They even had some fatwood at their booth this year. How cool is that!

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11 thoughts on “New UCO Gear and Mora – SHOT Show 2019

  1. Two tried-and-true outdoor brands. Is it just me, or do things at the show seem a lot slower/low volume than normal?

  2. I like the new Spark… a Mora Companion with a 90 degree spine is good to go. Interesting on the new mess kit – I’ve stopped carrying bowls when I’m on the trail, as I eat straight from the pouch. However, I dig the simplicity of the kit. Also, that new utensil kit looks great – I like the combo kit that is a little longer than a traditional spork.

  3. Watching the shot show bro just thumbs up most of the time,,,, love that Mora and the big fero rod 🙂 good stuff Master (-:

    1. You should hear the parts I cut out 😉 Never fear, I have 7 more SHOT show videos to release and only 2 of them have audio anywhere near this bad. I switched back to my old microphone the last 2 days.

    2. +Survival On Purpose I hate to hear that look like some really interesting things you were talking about but I just could not handle the audio

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