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Night Provision TX11 LED Flashlight Test – Let’s Get Real

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The Night Provision TX11 1000 lumen LED flashlight has a memory feature I have not seen on many other flashlights that I think make this a great choice for a tactical flashlight.


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8 thoughts on “Night Provision TX11 LED Flashlight Test – Let’s Get Real

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    1. No. I have no issues with Thrunite. I think they are excellent lights and I have a couple of Thrunite videos coming up. But Night Provision offered to sponsor a video test of their flashlight and I have to say I think they passed the test and are another good choice. I am not monogamous when it comes to gear, only with my wife.

  2. so let me get this right. if Chris tanner pitches a fit and throws that light against another moron who wants to use his light to hammer with the light could break. gee I’m shocked… NOT. that was a good review. thanks for the review.

  3. If you can get hold of one try a led lenser xeo 19r head touch 2000 lumens I think you might like it. Thank you for all your reviews

  4. Good review Brian, thank you. I have a feeling flashlight reviews are going to be controversial for while (shouldn’t be but will). Looks like a good light

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