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Nikon Monarch 7VR Laser Rangefinder – Push Button Easy

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The Nikon Monarch 7i VR rangefinder makes finding the range to your target drop dead simple. Just push the button, put the crosshair on your target and read the distance. Great for hunting or golf.

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15 thoughts on “Nikon Monarch 7VR Laser Rangefinder – Push Button Easy

  1. If I took one of these golfing, how would I know which tree to point it at? Yeah man, terrible at Golf. Hmm you’re from Georgia and you posted this on Masters weekend, you ever been to it?

  2. Bryan, I was in a outdoor sports store, in the climbing section there were some climbing carabineers written on them “not for climbing”. So even climbing carabineers are labeled that, it must be to avoid liability if it fails.

  3. Great review Bryan! That is nice product. They have kept it simple and user friendly. I like it. As always, big thumbs up 🙂

  4. That looks excellent. My old rangefinder died. This looks like a good candidate to replace it.

  5. Yeah Buddy Dialed In & Ready fer Bear Huh ?                          ATB Terry     God Bless

    1. +Robert31352 that depends on what sort of game you are playing. Some of the course I have played have gps on the carts that give you ranges. And others are so lame they don’t even have yardage markers on the sprinkler heads. When I am playing a friendly game we pretty much agree on how strict we want to be.

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