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No One Wants to Talk About This… What Happens in Vegas…

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I talk about everything related to recent events…

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7 thoughts on “No One Wants to Talk About This… What Happens in Vegas…

  1. But it did have waves in the gun community it’s sad that this happened but it’s also convenient for the government that this happened as soon as the SHARE act was going to be voted on and now it’s rescheduled indefinitely. I like your videos allot and have watched you for a while and this is first time commenting in a way to ask you to educate yourself on a particular matter since you are very intelligent. So read the SHARE act and tell me allot of Americans who are responsible didn’t get fucked over there.

  2. Neo never left the matrix. The ‘One’ and Zion was just another layer of control. People never really died they were just stored away for a time until reintroducing them wouldn’t cause any issues.

  3. RELIGION. Im sure he converted to Islam or was seen to and as a PILOT he was selling arms to Muslims in the south of the Philippines. He washed his money through the casino (so they loved him) and its possible he was dead before the first bullet was even fired, as he was dead before the breach of his room. If so, ‘they’ got away with murder! If it was him (and to be honest thats the more likely, but even harder to understand) this was TERRORISM & someone wasnt doing their job either at the casino, event security or FBI.

  4. I will be in Vegas next week. I can easily understand why people would thing it was fireworks and not gunshots. It is a common practice at the end of an outdoor concert. On the strip you even hear “cannon” shots with Treasure Island’s pirate show. I’m with you on the False Flag propaganda. I thought it was so hurtful to the parents who lost their children in Sandy Hook when YouTubers made claims that this was a staged event. The same thing with the Vegas Shooting. For many YouTubers they profit from false flag propaganda views. It is disgusting.

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