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North Korea on the Brink: Reality Check

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In this video I share my thoughts on all things related to the North Korean crisis.

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7 thoughts on “North Korea on the Brink: Reality Check

  1. Damn small buttons! Anyway, if there is a Major Attack on South Korea, Japan, US Territories or Hawaii or the Western Coast of the United States or Canada (sometimes Missles just don’t go all the way, which is why SANE Countries launch over Oceans), TRUST ME, there WILL be a Military Response by the Trump Administration? If you don’t believe me, ask the Syrians when they did Chemical Warfare just a few short months ago. Would Trump NUKE the North? Depends if Kim the Third goes First. I will say this: pay CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE WINTER OLYMPICS IN FEBRUARY 2018. And Pray that China keeps North Korea in line. Now I’m done.

  2. Thank you for keeping things in perspective, that’s exactly what I follow you for. A very real perspective, no hype and blah blah!

  3. Well, as a US Navy Veteran who served aboard Fleet Ballistic Missle Submarines, one of which just happened to be the USS John Marshall(SSBN 611), which just happened to pull into South Korea in October 1980 with me aboard, which just happened to cycle the Missle Hatches when we got the word that the Soviet Union’s Spy Satellite was passing overhead, I can definitely say that SOMETIMES Sabre Rattling does work. At least Kim the Second got the word. The problem is that Kim the Third somehow thinks that he is free to do whatever he wants. Of course, Kim the First thought he didn’t have to listen to Mao and Stalin when they warned him to stay on his side of the Border. Three years later, about a million dead Koreans (from both sides) and a PERMANENT US MILITARY FORCE stationed on his Southern Border, he wised up. But this heir to the Kim Dynasty has me worried.

  4. Trump: I am going to build a wall around North Korea and it’s going to be huge! The wall is going to be great! And I am going to make North Korea pay for it! JOBS!!!

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