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Olight 4 Day Christmas Sale 45 35% Off Dec 14-17

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Olight Christmas Sale Dec 14-17 EST
45% off the S1 Mini EDC Light
40% off the PL-2 Valkyrie Mounted Light
35% off the Warrior X Tactical Light

Lots of Free Deals with purchases $99 and up.

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7 thoughts on “Olight 4 Day Christmas Sale 45 35% Off Dec 14-17

  1. Thanks for the heads up Sootch00 on this deal. Long live the republic Sir. Still love my Olight M2T warrior. It’s my EDC

  2. S00tch, please stop these videos. After seeing your video about the S1R Baton II, we bought one. Now, we are addicted. On an unrelated topic, you need a link to the Australian store, so we can have a discount as well, for um…reasons. 😀

  3. What’s the best weapons mount light for AR15, meant for self defense. Mrgunsngear mentioned that he would absolutely not recommend Olight Warrior X for any self-defense option for an A.R. platform. Due to the remote pressure switch been magnetically attached it could become tangled or snagged etc. But, personally I think I’d be fine with just the two modes been accessible? Because I would want to keep it simple and I would just have it ready on either low or high mode. Unless, there are other comparable lights out there that offer more modes without using some type of tail switch? What are people’s thoughts on this?

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