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Olight H2R Nova 40% Off Flash Sale!!!!

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Save 40% on the Olight H2R Nova from 1-3 PM EDT only on March 30, 2018 here. And, if you spend $99 or more during the Flash Sale, you will get a FREE H05 Headlamp (while supplies last). This sale is only in effect for a 2 hour period from 1-3 Eastern Time Zone.

The Olight H2r is a headlamp…or a flashlight. Whichever you need. Up to 2300 lumens.

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16 thoughts on “Olight H2R Nova 40% Off Flash Sale!!!!

  1. Lookin forward to the flash sale! Grabbed a couple other products from other recent sales & LOVE Olight products!!

  2. Hey Brian, what’s the watch with the paracord band? Looks pretty cool, and I’ve been looking for something like that.

    1. I had a paracord band watch a couple of years ago to test for a review but it did not make the grade. I don’t think the company ever got off the ground.

    2. Survival On Purpose thanks! I have it already. I thought it was an actual watch. I think you wear it better than I do. I have really skinny wrists, because I’m a runner, so when I wear it it’s like a skeleton wearing a Leatherman Tread.

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