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Olight I1R EOS 130 Lumen Micro Flashlight

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Olight I1R EOS Website Page Link:

130 Lumens
Micro Size 1.61″
Weight 0.42 oz
IPX8 Waterproof
Keychain Light
Price $16.99

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7 thoughts on “Olight I1R EOS 130 Lumen Micro Flashlight

  1. Sootch you should be on HGTV. Cause you know how to sell peoples stuff. Because of you I might buy this light.

  2. I just got mine today. Although just yesterday I did a review on the Nitecore Tini which is also very small and can put out 380 lumens but I don’t really know what it is, I like the Olight more. Also the Nitecore is only IP54 rated. Still there are really great choices for Keychain lights these days.

  3. I just got mine and have tosay its titny and im very happy with it its my first OLIGHT torch i normaly buy the the cheaper torches with high lumen tout but this torch is quality

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