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Olight PL-Mini (40% off)+ I3T Eos AAA EDC – Preparedmind101

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11 thoughts on “Olight PL-Mini (40% off)+ I3T Eos AAA EDC – Preparedmind101

  1. I understand your point of view and respect your decision however I hold much more credence to your opinion than all the rest. Stay Safe !

    1. PREPAREDMIND101 agreed, from a viewers standpoint most would tend to narrow there viewership down to just a few they can or do trust when it comes to those items. Take me for instance when it comes to Olight I only listen to you and Tim from EDTV even though I follow several that do them.

    2. I’ll take that into consideration. I’ve seen a lot of viewer fatigue in the past when this stuff happens and it starts to foster a growing distrust and cynicism when people see a couple reviewers doing the same thing at the same time…much less almost all of them.

  2. I bought one because of the sale. I plan to use it for my home defense weapon. Gr8 vid. Laters. ?

  3. Ka Ching , I used your link . You told of the sale , Olight provided the light . Thanks All , Thanks be

  4. Hey, I do not agree… You have a unique way to review, and I trust you. I only watch the reviews of the channel I trust. I hope you change your mind.

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