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Olight R50 Pro Seeker – 40% Off Flash Sale

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The Olight R50 PRO Seeker is a 3200 lumen max rechargeable flashlight with a great beam pattern. The Law Enforcement Kit make it simple to keep it handy and charged at all times.

You can save 40% on the R50 Pro Seeker during the One Day Only Flash Sale on June 29, 2018. And spend over 4159 and get a free S2A Baton for free. Click here for the flash sale:

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14 thoughts on “Olight R50 Pro Seeker – 40% Off Flash Sale

  1. I can’t imagine a flashlight without a lanyard hole 🙂 what were they thinking? Who can risk the flashlight to fall off their grab in the dark?

  2. I bought this a little while ago. It’s absolutely one of my favorite flashlights(aside from the Marauder X7R), it’s so small and yet so powerful. I love the little charging dock, and just the overall quality is top notch.

  3. hey Bryan what happened to song Monday?? I really miss that in morning with my coffee. I would play them a couple times. I hope you return soon God Bless

  4. how do you get the 40 % off… that the already discounted price because if so amazon already has that price…….what is the normal price?

    1. The flash sale is tomorrow June 29. Just click the link in the description or the little white circle with the “i” in the upper right corner of this video.

  5. I respect you and your reviews. That being said i’m not spending a whole days pay for a flashlight. It’s just not necessary. Buying overpriced consumer goods instead of saving and investing our hard earned money is one of the biggest reasons Americans can make $50,000 a year plus and live paycheck to paycheck. Thank you for the great review but I will keep my 4 cell maglite I bought in 1988 which works just fine with rechargeable batteries and upgraded bulbs.

    1. Beauty of America…you don’t have to. My R50 Seeker has proven invaluable in my job, and I intend to buy another one. Again, beauty of America.

    2. That is why it is great we have so many choices. But you are right, many people do rob their future for possessions today.

    3. I got a ThruNite TC20 for $72, which is a superior flashlight. Mini-USB charging port instead of a one-off proprietary cable. 3800 lumens. Compare and see for yourself.

      But you probably wouldn’t want to spend a half-day’s pay for that either. I understand. Replacing my corroded Mini MagLight was what got me to discover modern LED flashlights myself.

    4. Barry and Tiggers World you act like somebody is forcing you or even begging you to buy the flashlight. Neither is true. If your goal is to save money then why not sell the mag light and get a candle? Why even spend the money to upgrade the bulbs? I’m pretty sure you his video wasn’t directed to you in particular for you to comment the way you did. Some people want or need a light this bright. If not you that’s great! ?

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