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Olight S1A VS. Thrunite Archer 1A V3: Speed vs. Power in Everyday Carry Lights (EDC)

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This is it for me – the size of an EDC light that I really like. In this video I’ll show you the Olight S1A in action against the Thrunite Archer 1A V3. As I share in the vid, the Archer is faster on the draw but the Olight will give you more power. Both are really functional and they both work nicely of 1 AA battery which as we all know are easy to find. Check it out!

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8 thoughts on “Olight S1A VS. Thrunite Archer 1A V3: Speed vs. Power in Everyday Carry Lights (EDC)

  1. 14500 capability in the 1a v3 makes up for the atrocious pocket clip. i
    hated this light until i found out it can safely run 14500s so its
    basically a mini tn12 and i love the tn12 so i can forgive its also
    atrocious pocket clip.

    35 bucks though the 1a v3 is pretty hard to beat. i cant think of a light
    at that price that runs on aa’s and 14500s thats better. i had the t10t but
    its not safe to run on 14500s so i gave it to my sister since she has a
    bunch of eneloops. also my thumb couldnt always find the tailswitch on the
    t10t and i wanted to love that light but it just didnt work for me. i liked
    that it only had 3 modes.

    the eagletac d25a ti is my pick for single aa/14500 lights. its expensive
    and gets hot very fast but i love the ui, deep carry pocket clip, and
    shape. it can also tailstand and i hardly ever get accidental activations
    in the pocket.

    i do also really like the zebralight h52 and sc52 but they are head/side
    switch. really small but they carry so easily and can take 14500s as well.

    honorable mention to the klarus mi7 since it can take 14500s to get you 700
    lumens BUT IT DOESNT COME WITH A POCKET CLIP MAN…and its side switch
    activation. it is 40 bucks and you can use the pocket clip from an archer
    1a v3 and get a nice deep pocket carry so i dont know if you could just
    find a cheap pocket clip to put on it without having to buy an archer and
    taking the clip off.

    without 14500s i kind of still hate the archer 1a v3 but thats because im
    spoiled now by all these high powered lights. honestly its a fine light and
    you’d be hard pressed to do better at the price for a single aa light

  2. It’s going to be personal preference of course, but I’d go olight. I find
    it clunky to use the tail switch but then cycle thru modes with the side
    switch. I’d prefer just the one switch. Plus I just love olights beams.

  3. I like the way Thrunite does modes on the Archers but I despise their
    refusal to be straight forward about power options. I find that to be
    aggravating and kinda disturbing. If you contact their CS to TRY to get
    answers about it they are elusive and become snarky if you press them about
    it. Case in point: the Archer 1A. Their website (
    ) claims the flashlight has
    a “Working voltage: 0.9v to 5.0v”, hinting that it can handle a Li-ion
    battery (what else uses voltage that high?). But they won’t come right out
    and say that it will or will not

  4. screw both of these, Nitecore MT10A on a single IMR14500 gets 920 lumens,
    in a pinch you are able to run it on AA for 170 lumens, best of both worlds.

    btw you can run 14500 on Thrunite Archer 1A V3 without any problems.

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