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5 thoughts on “Operation Optimize – (OFFICIAL TRAINING COURSE)

  1. After 2 years in development, a decade of testing strategies, and massive amounts of work. Operation Optimize is here. The FIRST official training course from MASK Tactical, and the first training course in The Primal Method.

    The Primal Method is a 6 layered strategic approach to preparedness. Layer 1 consists of the critical life foundations that so many “prepared” people completely skip and neglect.

    Operation Optimize is Layer 1 Training and will cover so many things that will dramatically change your life. Over 4 weeks, 8 modules, and 35+ lessons on life planning, time hacking, war planning, relationships, business, destroying self-doubt, health & fitness, and more.

    Survival in the modern world isn’t always shelters and flint fires. If you come home at the end of the day to a life that you’re not truly happy to live in all aspects, none of the “prepping” matters.

    A good friend doesn’t care about your feelings. They care about your growth and my friend… I want to help you GROW.

    – Primal

    Get the intel here:

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