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#OurMine – (Read the Description)

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Hey, it’s OurMine, don’t worry we are just testing your security, please contact us for more information


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10 thoughts on “#OurMine – (Read the Description)

  1. The higher pockets on the side and reversed zipper on the lid are some recent updates in the past year or so. They also give you a ton of webbing so you can lash anything to it as Will showed. Also like the duffle style zipper in the middle for easy access to gear on the bottom of the pack. Excellent pack.

    1. It looks like a well thought out idea. Zipper location, very convenient. Easier way to put pack on. One fluid motion.

    2. they really don’t give a lot of info on the website….I think they’d have more sales id they upped the info on each particular piece…put the materials on each product page and gave each product a page instead of a pop up…etc

  2. It sure looks like a quality pack but it’s HUGE. For car camping or short distance I can maybe see using something like this but for any serious hiking I dunno. The largest pack I use is a ULA OHM 2.0. If Will says that top pouch holds a weeks worth of food I expect you can pack the rest of the house in the main compartment..

  3. Prepared mind 101 is one of my favorite channels. Even though I’m living below poverty level I like to dream about having some of the gear Chris reviews. His reviews are balanced and thorough and once I have some money to splurge I’ll buy gear that Chris has reviewed?.

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