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Preppers: Don’t Make These Mistakes! (Part 1)

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In this video I discuss some mistakes I have made througout my prepping journey, I hope you don’t make the same!

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7 thoughts on “Preppers: Don’t Make These Mistakes! (Part 1)

  1. CP, WHAT IS ON YOUR FEET? To keep you on your feet. you should do a video on footwear. Do you know any cobblers? Shtf, all those miles you put on your car are going to be put on your feet. Those cheap 30$ boots that last you 3 months before breaking up that you used walking from your car to the store aren’t going to cut it. If you are bugging out, the abrasiveness of the briars, sticks, stones , dirt, sand, climbing etc is going to chew those cheap boots, sneakers etc up & spit them out. If your cheap ass shoes last only a short time with little to no wear on them, then how long before your bare foot in Shtf? I think this is one part of gear that is constantly overlooked.( I’d bet that most people don’t know that their feet will swell up to 2 sizes on a long hike & buy boots to small)

  2. There are three basic people when it comes down to mistakes.
    1. Those who are so much better and smart than the rest of us so they never make one. (They also can lift the corner vehicle to change a tire using their toes to deal with the lug nuts 😉
    2. Those who learn from their mistakes.
    3. Those who teach from their mistakes.
    I would like to thank all of teachers out there. They have help me to avoid so many mistake I would have also done.

  3. Nice to meet you, I am impressed by watching your videos.
    I would like advice. I currently live in Japan for work.
    As you all know, there are many earthquakes and tsunami can happen to the country.
    Moreover, the tension is extremely raised in relation with North Korea.
    I would like to borrow your knowledge there.
    Please tell us your minimum protection items and backpacks for earthquake disasters and biological and chemical weapons from North Korea.
    It is said that backpacks that can be carried in an emergency are at most about 20 to 25 L in size. Please advise me.

  4. Its always funny to see prepper who own at lot of food but doesnt own a single tool. There’s a lot of tool to own if something happen.

  5. All excellent points and I’ve made most of these mistakes myself. The biggest mistake aside from spending tens of thousands on knives and guns and nothing else was realizing that I don’t own my own home. I have a landlord and when things go bad that landlord is going to kick my ass out at the end of them month when the rent is due but no money is avalible. Hell, even if his cousins friend needs a place I may very well be out on my ass with a pile of knives and guns on the street corner. If you don’t own your own home then your bugout bag is the most important. You are not going to dig up your back yard and plant a garden of you don’t own the land.

  6. I’m prepping for a massive cme, I mean the mother of all emp’s. I joke. 1st thing to prep for would be a 72 hour event. once you have 3 days worth of survival move to 1week. then 1 month. Do it like this because a 3 day event whatever it may be is most likely to occur. Don’ get up tomorrow and think wow I need 30kw of solar 100acres of land with a lake view, equipment to dig a 100′ well. While all of those things are great and if you can afford it awesome, preparing for an event where you would need all that stuff takes major planning major resources and is not a fly by the seat of your pants endeavor. It could literally consume you, and ruin your life. If ya wake up tomorrow and say “ah s*** better start preparing” turn off the msm news and tv programming and watch Canadian preper from start to finish. “Those that fail to plan, plan to fail”

  7. I live in Sk. Canada. I love my life and I hope for the best but I prepare for the worst. I plane to bug in. I have all I need to bug in. I will have to bug out after several months when  everything looks saver. I have hunting skills, trapping skills and seeds for planting crops and gardens. I now the land and where to go and have bug out locations. I hope the world I now will keep going on and nothing will happen but you must be prepared for the worst.

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