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Prepping 101: Essential Survival Prepping Tips!

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Survival prepping can be tricky particularly if you are a totally novice prepper but with this short but in our short but informative ‘Prepping 101’ video we’ll give you a quick disaster preparedness crash course and go over some of the very first things that you’ll need to consider and think about as a survivalist prepper.

These include things like:

Doing adequate research. The truth is emergency preparedness is all about research and thinking ahead of time. It’s important to think about plans for different disasters based on different terrains and even different times of the day. You can never do too much research!

Buying lots of extra survival food every time that you go out shopping. A little bit every shop can add up to a lot over time making you seriously prepared in the food department.

Start to save money right away. In the same way that you can prep a little bit of food at a time you don’t have to save up a tonne of money right off the get go – but it’s a good idea to put a little away every week.

Start to stockpile water. Water is easily one of the biggest things that any survival prepper needs to consider and think about and it’s a really good idea to start stockpiling up on water right away.

Find and connect with fellow preppers. Seeking out like minded individuals is a great way to exchange ideas, tips and plans.

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