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Primal Hour Podcast – 001 – Ground Zero

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Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast! Be sure to subscribe. We will be uploading to itunes, google play, and all the best podcast listening places so you can listen to us from your favorite apps. For the full post and show notes about this episode be sure to check out the full article here (coming soon)

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16 thoughts on “Primal Hour Podcast – 001 – Ground Zero

  1. Looking forward to more of these! Always nice to listen to something relatively educational rather than the same old shitty music all day. This youtube page is FULL of hours of great info. All this and so much more in the Tribe! Good work, Primal!

  2. Great first podcast bro! been excited for this since you first announced it to the tribe. I knew a lot of the backstory that you shared here but I didn’t know about survival nation. knew you had been on a long road and part of why I was so quick to jump into the tribe when I found out about it was because I wanted to be part of the evolution of MASK.
    When you were talking about being down but not out and then flipping the switch I I was thinking how I was at a lost cause level for about 2 years at 17-19 before I landed myself some full time work to get me off ground level. trouble was all though this got me off the ground I wasn’t far off it and still not going anywhere. In short I still wasn’t in the game I was just happy that I wasn’t on the bottom. which was about as dangerous. the reason I share this here is because I think that you don’t even have to be down to rock bottom or classed as a “lost cause” to need to flip that switch.
    Just over 12 months ago MASK was that switch for me. a switch that I didn’t even realise I needed to switch until it had been. life has and continues to involve since then, no looking back now only onwards and upwards!! (This may just be aussie waffles but hopfully it makes sense to people )

    Thanks ian, looking forward to the next one
    -Wage war brother!


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