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RANT! It 100% CAN Happen here: SHTF in America/ Martial Law

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Kick back and enjoy this VERY LONG RANT!

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7 thoughts on “RANT! It 100% CAN Happen here: SHTF in America/ Martial Law

  1. yep the government has no love for you – Slavery has never been abolished it just morphed into the banking system which pries on your emotions telling you “you need this or that – shiny new toy” One of the best things you can do to have some sort of freedom from their clutches is to rid yourself of their debt.

    Contrary to current knowledge you do not need a credit card – cut it up right now and that action itself goes a long way of staying out of debt. If you think you do just get a pay as you go card and put a couple of thousand on it. Get of your mortage, sell the house and rent. Debt is one of their biggest and best ways they keep you compliant

  2. martial law DOES happen in America Everytime a natural disasters or major riot happens,check out the national guard in Detroit during the d town riots,also during major snowstorms they issue emergency vehicle use of roads only,and hurricane Katrina?

  3. hmmm gonna have to disagree you got about 80 MILLION firearm owners in the USA even if only 1/100th of them fought that would be 800,000 guerilla fighters and this ASSumes NONE of the military defects during the time of crisis. it would take someone with some pretty big balls to initiate martial law that they could very well lose.

  4. If goat humpers can hold off Russia, America and many other nations, then we can do the same. Many well trained veterans love the country but have no love for govt. We learned much from our enemy and can use that. It would be ugly and terrible but could be done. Now with that being said, we have a bunch of pussies and weak bitches that would rat someone out to get ahead.

  5. 52% of the US are gun owners and per the law no record of who owns what can be kept in a easily searched fashion. even if they where to do this in violation of the law anyway most guns are not registered anywhere given large portions are from wills, private sale, or are home made from 80% lower. again it is absolutely logistically impossible, for reasons given in your own vids. they simply do not have the manpower to police more that a few large cities. and no the cops do not just shoot people in the US they have full blown riots in Chicago and how many bodys did we get from that? 3 all from the rioters. free speech zones are a collage thing they are not part of normal society and they are actively being protested to the point of riot in the case of Berkeley. a US solder also has a ethics class where the constitution doesn’t app to them they ARE expected to act in accordance to constitutional law and “just fallowing orders” is not a excuse and will lead to court-martial about as fast. yes this means no droning US citizens or you will be in prison. as for people accepting martial law has only been in small areas of the country and only in obvious events such as natural disaster areas and EVEN in these cases national guard troops refused to confiscate weapons with no court-martial being issued. as we have seen in Egypt and what is going on in Venezuela now with him loosing power even a disarmed populous and a military willing to do anything the government was not able to hold power its math after a point the government can not hold power anymore even with civil disobedience.

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