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Ruike P108-SF: It’s Just Worth It!! – Preparedmind101

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After the last Ruike review, I decided to get another and I like this one even more. Easily my favorite budget folder under $50.

I bought it here:

The other one:


Jessmuk/JX3/JX4/JX5/JX6 Dealers:

PM101 Morale Patch:

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8 thoughts on “Ruike P108-SF: It’s Just Worth It!! – Preparedmind101

  1. 14C28N a martensitic stainless chromium steel with a chemistry optimized for high quality professional knife applications and is one of Sandvik’s own developed and produced range of knife steels. Sandvik is one of the biggest companies in Sweden. Infos here: Data sheet for 14C28N: The well known Mora Garberg is one of the knives with a 14C28N blade for example.

  2. Ok thought I had enough folders. Just didn’t have that one that was just right. This is it. Thank you for doing this review, love the knife. Peace

  3. My Real Steel E571 has the 14C28N stamp as well & looks similar to the Ruike p128. The Real Steel RS7812 has a similar look to this p108- but it is almost twice the price (also 14CN28N stamped). These knives look like design variants to each other, like they split them between the brands. IDK how to determine D2 steel on the RS brand; maybe its the steel on other knives from RS?

  4. This guys nerves are jittery, something that chronic alcoholics are known for. Hands are obnoxiously shaky, get someone else to hold it.

  5. Chris – I have a Real Steal knife that I bought over a year ago. You should check it out. The model is H6 Plus and it is in 14C28N steel. The knife is a frame lock with the same features as the Ruike P108; such as the lock switch on the frame lock, fold-over deep carry clip, etc. The H6 Plus has great action, smooth and free. The action is as good as any premium knife; at least on my knife. The knife was $42 when I bought it in early ’16.

  6. Chris, please if you can, make a short video about Your application techniques of the OBENAUF’S to one of the leather sheaths. Would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  7. I like the streamlined roboticron look. I think it would scare some people but I would buy it for sure. A nice test would be a cantaloupe.

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