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Sagan Journey Water Filter Bottle and XStream Purifier Straw

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The Sagan Journey Water Filter Bottle and XStream Purifier Straw biti feature the same filter that removes bacteria, cysts, viruses and many heavy metals. And they have some features that really set them apart from most other portable water purifiers.

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11 thoughts on “Sagan Journey Water Filter Bottle and XStream Purifier Straw

    1. Sawyer does not claim to remove viruses or heavy metals. And Sawyer is a hollow fiber filter, which can be damaged by freezing. But, to be fair, Sawyer cost less.

  1. Too much rambling, what do people expect? Next time sing the info out to them, see if that makes them happy. Great water handling and purification system. Will it do sea water?

    1. BARRY COLE – Desalinating sea water is an entirely different process. I’ve seen there are these water absorbing packs that you can place into sea water and it will extract fresh water without the salt.

      You can buy them online, but there are many steps to desalinate sea water. I’ve seen how the process is done, we have a desalination plant in Tampa, look it up and you’ll see why a filter wouldn’t be able to extract the the water without the salt. Salt is very heavy, and very large(since it’s in a crystalized form)compared to what filters are engineered to filter like chemicals, viruses, bacteria which are nano filtered.

      So there would have to be a multi-filtered type system to filter out sea water, and nothing like that exists from a filter stand point. But those absorbing bags are probably a lot more practical anyways.

  2. Great info! I love that you trust them with that water. Putting it on the line! Being over 6 feet tall I’m really liking the length of that tubing.

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