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Schrade Froe SCHF64 – Fire Prep Tool on Steroids

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The brand new Schrade Froe (SCHF64) was designed by Chris Tanner from Prepared Mind 101 as a full tang fire prep and wood processing tool so you don’t have to baton your knife when building a fire, My only complaint is it is almost impossible to do a decent balance test. Because it is “pointless” 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Watch Chris Tanner’s video on this tool he designed:

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14 thoughts on “Schrade Froe SCHF64 – Fire Prep Tool on Steroids

  1. From a hunters stand point: I like it. It is useful for around the camp tasks, including snapping bones on my kills. For the price point, you cant turn this down.

    Also, this can be seen as a blank canvas for those who are good at re profiling its tip. Tanto? Maybe….

  2. thanks for the video, I think it’s the first time I have seen your balance testing fail.. oh well it’s still fun 😉 keep up the good work!

  3. How do you think this tool would compare to the Ontario SP8 Machete? Different steels and prices I believe, but they look very similar.

  4. Good review. Personally I don’t see the value of owning a Froe but I can see how some people may find a use for it. I like how you give a good natured ribbing to the well over six and a half billion of us who have seen the light and adopted the metric system. I work in the trades so I use imperial a lot at work, use pounds to measure weights and yards to describe distance when shooting a bow but I use meters to describe distance when shooting a rifle and kilometres for navigation. I’m a weird hybrid between the two systems.

    1. I wish I could develop a “feel” for metric measurements, especially length and distance, so that I could easily relate it in my mind.

  5. I have the Ontario SP8. Seems much better. Quarter inch thick and the can be used to dig with or pry open doors.

  6. Thank you for the review Brian, I had not had a chance to get my hands on this. Looks like it would take some abuse

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