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Schrade Parang Machete Review and Balance Test

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The new Schrade Parang machete is a great chopping blade that does pretty good at all around knife tasks as well. And you know I had to make find out if such a big blade is still balanced.

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14 thoughts on “Schrade Parang Machete Review and Balance Test

  1. Just got around to viewing another great video. Don’t see a need for a parang in my future but did enjoying watch what all it will do. Thanks for your reviews Brian. And wishing you and your family a terrific resurrection day.

  2. Uh-Huh She dun did ’em all without break’n a sweat ! Watch ‘Lil-Stinky don’t git them Easter Eggs. T F S Bryan.  Have a Hopp-E Easter                     ATB Terry    God Bless

  3. If you don’t want to use a hatchet this appears to be a good alternative. If you grab the back of the blade near the front you can use it to do finer cutting. In my view it is a good choice for what I’d call a survival blade while most survival blades aren’t. It can be had for less than $300.00 I’m thinking.

  4. That unsharpened area is exactly for the purpose you thought it was for; choking up. Traditional, authentic parangs have almost a third of their blade length unsharpened for choking up.

  5. Hey Brian, I just got my Apocabox for this month, are you going to be doing a review of it. It’s got some pretty nice stuff I have to say, I was pretty surprised.

  6. One thing I can say, is no body will try to rob you in the woods carrying that intimidating thing lol!

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