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Schrade Schf59 Test & Review :Tactical Show

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7 thoughts on “Schrade Schf59 Test & Review :Tactical Show

  1. I bought the SCHF24 thanks to your reviews. I might get this one too. For the price, these Schrade fixed blade knifes make great Beaters!

  2. Know what you mean about the Handles. Got the same issue on the Schrade Fixed Blade that came in the Two Pack. But it has thick TPR scales. Yeah, really inexpensive, but something tells me that it’s the same Quality as the more Expensive ones that made out of the same 8Cr as that one. So why pay Twice as Much for a Similar Blade with minor design changes? But it’s cheap enough for me to put it on the Belt Sander to get it feeling Right in my Hands. Thanks Tac.

  3. Hey Tactical, give us an update on those 4 wheelers. Maybe a jousting contest between you and the old lady, (you tube friendly of course.

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