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Shooting My Sniper Rifle At 300 Meters (328 Yards)

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Scope used in this video

In this video I shoot my SSG 08 (Scharfschützengewehr 08 or sharp shooter rifle 08). I try to find another ammunition for hunting since before it was zeroed in for target shooting. I choose the Brennecke ammunition because I got the feeling that it shot the most accurate, but this is just my subjective impression.

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Shooting My Sniper Rifle At 300 Meters (328 Yards)

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7 thoughts on “Shooting My Sniper Rifle At 300 Meters (328 Yards)

  1. Respectful suggestion Never finger grab the trigger, always was Flick it with the tip … Grabbing will increase barrel movements or drifting miscalculations

  2. Reload your own. There is absolutely nothing like the control and precision you get loading your own. Great video

  3. I had always heard that Swarovski was about the best scope you could buy. The better quality crystal allows for a clearer picture. I’m glad to see you using them on your various scopes. Do you use any BDC (Balistic Drop Compensator) reticles? Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.

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