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Should I Sell A T Shirt for Survival On Purpose? 3 Questions For You.

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Lots of folks have asked about a Survival On Purpose T Shirt. So, to find out how many people would buy a t-shirt like the one I wear in some of my videos, I have 3 questions for you.

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9 thoughts on “Should I Sell A T Shirt for Survival On Purpose? 3 Questions For You.

  1. Thanks for the input and support! I will give it a couple of week and compile all the comments and see what works best. I usually try reply to every comment but that just seems pointless here. I will definitely read every one.

    1. when you have a price let me know, I want two XL I will send you a money order when you have a final price

    2. The zazzle post seems a great idea. I would love a survival on purpose rash guard. It’d be kinda cool.

  2. I would prepay, $20. I really enjoy your channel Brian. I’d love to help get the word out. Thanks.

  3. We trust you Brian! I know I get a sense that you are a good guy. I agree that a pre-paid is the way to go. I would spend $25US for a nice quality t shirt, or $20US plus shipping to Canada. That is fair. What kind of sizing would offer? Female sizes? Although I can wear a man’s ‘s or xs. My husband is a big guy he is usually a 3 or 4x.

  4. 1. Logo on the back. Skunk on the left breast over heart (approximately).
    2. Prepay when ordering. You’re too nice a guy to ever get stuck by some idiot.
    3. I can see $25 especially for a quality shirt that has free shipping.

    Now the question I have, are they going to be available in 4X-long? If so, I’d pay $5 extra for one.

  5. Brian, I honestly like what your wearing, but I’m international so it’d cost too much, factoring the issue that I’m out of the market for sports wear for the moment having run over budget. If I wasn’t I’d buy one for $20 shipping included, assuming you lived local. Honest opinion.

    I also know unfortunately the YouTube ad revenues have bottomed out, and I think at this point, you’re probably right, it’s going to be hard to move enough shirts to help supplement this. Some guys have gone the t shirt route, I can understand that, maybe their channel has the numbers that make it worthwhile. But I have just one thing I would caution you on. some of those youtubers, just IMO, have taken it too far by starting their videos with plugs to buy their products. I understand it may work, and people have to eat, but in my opinion, it’s a turn off to front load videos with plugging your wares. It’s a pet peeve of mine, I thought I’d just mention 🙂

    I think it’s is ok to leave the ads towards the end. 🙂

    I honestly hope you do succeed in this venture.

  6. I would like a shirt. I think your YouTube info would look better on the sleeve driver’s side but URL on the back is fine. I would preorder; like to keep it no more then $25 but I would be ordering a very large shirt and I know it adds to the price.

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