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Solar Powered 4 Season Tent: Powerfilm Panel & Tipi Tent

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In this video I demonstrate the powerfilm 30 watt solar panel with the seek outside ultralight tent system. I’m exploring different options for a power generation system that will work in all conditions especially in cold weather.

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The tent in the video is by Seek Outside.

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9 thoughts on “Solar Powered 4 Season Tent: Powerfilm Panel & Tipi Tent

  1. Dont know if you saw or not, but powerfilm pushed back the ship date by another couple of months just a few days ago. Wasn’t happy at all to see that when I was planning on having it this month… I was under the impression they would already in production and would have been shipped at this point or very soon, it seems they have not even made the first unit as the mentioned finding a new supplier for parts of some sort when I thought everything was made by them.

    1. We are sorry that we had to push back that date, but didn’t want to compromise the quality of the product. We apologize, but are very excited to deliver product to you as soon as possible. Thank you for your support.

  2. How GREAT is this! Finally a practical way to charge necessary communication devices! Bout damn time. Oh, a video popped up in ‘recommended’ by Bushcraft Boy. Are you familiar with him? A British kid quite knowledgeable about European ‘kit’ who compares, modifies, and utilizes military equipment. I was blown away! Anyway, your video is immensely helpful, as the idea of carrying bunches of throwaway batteries never set well with me. thanks.

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